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Dancing pallbearers: It’s unlawful to drop a coffin during burial ceremony – Mortuaries CEO warns



He emphasised that while dancing with a coffin may not necessarily violate the law, if the coffin is accidentally dropped during such activities, it becomes a legal issue.

Dr Twerefour clarified that the problem arises when the act of dancing with the coffin results in the desecration of the deceased’s body, which is against the law.

He pointed out that pallbearers from security agencies typically refrain from dancing with deceased bodies because it is unlawful.

Speaking during an interview on the ‘Obra Mu Nsem’ show on CTV, hosted by Ohenewaa Kaseboahen on Friday, September 15, 2023, Dr Twerefour addressed the recent viral videos on social media showing pallbearers dancing while carrying coffins with deceased bodies.

He emphasised that there is no law explicitly banning the act of dancing with coffins, but if the coffin is accidentally dropped during such activities, it amounts to the desecration of the deceased.

Dr Twerefour went on to explain the intricacies of handling deceased bodies, noting that the body stiffens considerably within three hours after death, especially when combined with embalming and freezing processes.

Achieving various displays during a funeral, such as dressing the deceased in their former profession, may not necessarily infringe on the law.

However, if the act involves breaking the bones of the deceased to achieve the family’s intentions, it crosses into the territory of desecration.



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