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DJ Vyruski on why Ghanaian artistes are not able to fill O2 Arena



He disclosed that most Ghanaian artistes fail to collaborate with foreign musicians to project themselves to the international community and it is a major stumbling block to their success on the global stage.

Vyruski attributed poor promotion of Ghanaian artistes as another hindrance that music promoters need to work on to help artistes sell out their concerts in foreign countries.

Speaking in an interview with TV3 which GhanaWeb monitored, on September 14, 2023, DJ Vyruski narrated how Nigerian artistes are able to sell out concerts at the O2 arena while Ghanaian musicians struggle to attain similar feats.

“I think that it [Ghanaian artistes unable to fill O2 arena] has to do with promotion. So you can’t be in Ghana and you want to sell out a concert. You can’t be here not going to the United Kingdom (UK) to promote yourself as an artiste and you want to sell out a concert there,” he said.

“I have had a conversation with promoters outside when I travel, like Smith and the rest. You see what the Nigerians are doing now, Wizkid sold out O2 [arena] by first of all collaborating with a UK artiste when he first did it. Like Asake didn’t stay in Nigeria and sold out O2.”

DJ Vyruski further indicated that event-organizing houses are not promoting Ghanaian artistes on the global stage which forms part of the reasons the musicians are not able to sell out concerts at the O2 Arena.

“Another thing nobody is talking about is the people they work with. Let’s say when you come to Ghana we have Charterhouse, EcoHouse right? EcoHouse has a clientele, we have people who go for a Tidal Rave.

“Regardless of who is coming to Tidal Rave, EcoHouse is going to have people going to Tidal Rave because they know the ‘event’ is dope. So it doesn’t depend on Sarkodie being booked for Tidal Rave [they will still do it],” said DJ Vyruski.

The conversation about Ghanaian artistes not being able to fill the O2 arena has been dominating discussions in the entertainment industry in recent times.



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