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Bullet threatens to take doomsday prophets to court over Ebony, Wendy prophecies



According to him, he recently reported one such woman to the police after she made concerning predictions about Afropop star Wendy Shay. This woman has since apologized for her remarks.

Bullet implied that these doom prophets may play a role in making their prophecies come true, and he intends to take legal action against them to hold them accountable. He added that he already reported several cases to the police regarding this matter.

“So I am taking them to the police so that if something untoward happens, they will be questioned and held responsible,” he said.

Bullet also mentioned that Prophet Nigel Gaisie, leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, should have faced legal consequences for his prophecy about the late Ebony and her subsequent death. He criticized other prophets for making accusations against him after Ebony’s passing.

“Prophet Nigel Gaisie should have been arrested following his prophecy about Ebony and her subsequent death,” he added.

Bullet emphasized that such doom pronouncements will not be tolerated by him anymore and will take legal action if necessary. He implied that he intends to have the prophets who make such predictions about Wendy Shay arrested and make them accountable should anything unfortunate happen to her. Wendy Shay recently had a near-fatal car accident on September 10.

“So many pastors alleged that I killed Ebony…I will have them come to the police station to write their statement and take responsibility for whatever bad thing happens to Wendy Shay,” he declared.

Bullet is determined not to be falsely accused, as he was when some pastors alleged that he played a role in Ebony’s death.

He insisted that the law can address such matters, and he won’t sit idly by this time.



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