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Coup in Niger confirmed as soldiers announce ouster of president on state TV



The officials numbering 10 belonged to different institutions of the security architecture reading by their uniforms.

The announcer identified as Col. Major Amadou Abdramane, wearing a blue uniform was seated as the nine others lined up behind him.

The announcement aside confirming the ouster of Bazoum, dissolved the constitution, suspended all institutions and closed the country’s borders.

Developments earlier in the day:

Reports emerged earlier of soldiers blockading the presidential palace and several ministries in Niger’s capital, Niamey.

According to BBC reports, there were no shots fired during the incident, but the motive behind the blockade was unclear.

The president was said to be in his residence with his family, while talks were underway to address the situation.

The residence was surrounded by military personnel.

One unnamed source has described the incident as a “fit of temper” by the troops.



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