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Channel AstroTurf Fund To Skills Training To Eradicate Poverty In Zongo communities-Mr Yussif Mohammed-Amin Wulon



The contructions of AstroTurf in Zongo communities through its development fund initiated by H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo administration was in right direction to help raised potentials of the upcoming youth.


Speaking in an interview, the CEO of Hondaa Petroleum Company, Mr Yussif Mohammed-Amin Wulon was worried about the way and manner the policy only focus football whiles alot of sporting disciplines can be found in the Zongo communities.


According to him, nothing in life happened by chance so there is more to do with the said fund and identifying it purposes that will brings progress to communities.


Government and its politics but of course any fund must come out with its purpose, clearly were he sit it will be prudent if Government can channel the construction of AstroTurf into skills training clearly it will help eradicating poverty from the Zongo communities.


Mr Yussif Mohammed-Amin Wulon was optimistic that government should rather target skills training and believes that will go a long way for the Zongo development fund.


He said he doesn’t subscribe to sharing money to people but if the government teaches them how to fish it will rather shape them in future.


In course of destruction they end up engaging themselves into all manner of things which will affect society and the generation unborn.


The word Islam is stand for peace and hard work but today what do see in our Muslim communities, this why he thinks creations of jobs for the youth will go a long way for them rather than than constructing just AstroTurf which to him how many people benefited the said facilities.


The businessmen also appeals to some leaders who have made it in life to impact the life’s of Zongo’s than given them monies for naming ceremonies and wedding.


” I been a steet boy walking in Zongo doing show shine at kumasi Abuabo to be presides so I preferred impacting life than given them Fish to eat” he emphasis.



Source: Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina| Contributor


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