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Wendy Shay to be flown to Germany for treatment – Bullet



In an interview with HitzFM’s Andy Dosty monitored by GhanaWeb, Bullet said, Wendy Shay will soon be flown to Germany for further treatment.

“It was very severe. It was extremely severe. She has spent five days in the hospital. Right now, what we are planning to do is to fly her to Germany for further medical checks.

“We are going to see the police this morning. We have been there, and they said they have to test the car and everything. We hope they get done soon,” he stated.

Asked about the intensity of the accident, Bullet said the tipper truck that hit Wendy was carrying stones and was driving at top speed.

He said the truck ran into Wendy Shay’s vehicle from behind causing her to hit her head on the dashboard.

He noted that Wendy, who was with her personal assistant at that time, was returning home after a video shoot for her new song when the accident occurred.

“Imagine your car being hit by a tipper truck with gravels and stones. It was extremely severe. When you see how heavy the tipper truck was and how it hit her from behind, it was serious. She was getting off the highway trying to branch. There’s no way a tipper truck can hit a Jeep Wrangler from behind and the person will survive it,”

Asked where he was at the time of the incident, Bullet said, “I was in Kumasi trying to promote Wendy’s new songs and I heard that this happened so I had to rush back.”


Reports captured Wendy’s Jeep Wrangler with the registration number plate, SHAY 21-19 with a mangled front side after a collision with a tipper truck.

The incident occurred on Saturday, September 9, 2023, on the Kwabenya road in Accra.


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