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British Airways called out on ‘illegal’, ‘ridiculous’ extra $50 charged Ghanaian passengers for tickets



In a statement, the CPA said its attention was drawn to the “illegal” practice by British Airways, “with regard to paying for your airline tickets with cash at Standard Charted Bank”.

The agency explained: “BA and Standard Charted Bank have decided to charge $50 for paying off your ticket at their branches, this is an illegal practice, and we are urging BA to stop immediately.”

“If BA and Standard Charted Bank have gone into any agreement, the passengers of BA should not be asked to pay any extra money besides the fare of the reservation”, the statement noted.

It said: “Per our investigation, this is BA that has instructed Standard Charted Bank to charge this ridiculous extra charge of $50 on top of your ticket price”.

“Anybody that has paid this extra $50 to Standard Charted Bank should not hesitate in contacting CPA for us to enable them get a refund.”




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