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Amerado: A rap star proving his mettle with ‘Kwaku Ananse’ story



From the days preceding his spotlight on Focus FM’s Freestyle Friday and KFM Freestyle Saturday to his fiery performance in the ‘Accra Vs Kumasi’ rap battle on Pluzz FM, Amerado etched his name onto the roster of budding rap talents.

His lyrical prowess, distinctive attitude, and unyielding determination acted as indications of future success, propelling his ambition to become a household name to new heights.

Sporting his distinctive hoodie that soon became a signature part of his brand, the young man embarked on his rap journey with an early alliance with Mic Burners. This association laid a robust foundation for his burgeoning career, marked by the release of records.

Evidently, these releases were fueled by the anticipation that the songs would not only elevate him to fame but also translate into revenue, providing the means to sustain himself.

Positioning himself as a force to be reckoned with both on the beat and behind the microphone, Amerado curated a repertoire that included ‘I Am,’ ‘Redemption,’ and ‘Beast Attitude.’

These tracks collectively showcased his adeptness in the realm of Hip-Hop, as he exuded confidence, flaunted his rap prowess, and asserted his superiority. His lyrical prowess extended to the richness of his Asante Twi language, which he commanded with great finesse. Amerado’s delivery was bold, captivating listeners with beautiful and thought-provoking lyrics, making him truly a joy to experience.

The name ‘Amerado,’ an Asante term signifying ‘Governor,’ resonates with authority, a quality that echoes in his rap verses. However, despite the powerful association with his name, Amerado found himself at a crossroads, contemplating leaving the music scene due to the formidable challenges and high expectations that proved difficult to meet in the industry.

Surviving the rough road

In 2019, while in the UK, Amerado found himself in a state of dilemma, akin to Hamlet’s famous soliloquy ‘to be or not to be.’ Struggling with depression, Amerado sought counsel from a few confidantes and, eventually, made the pivotal choice to return to Ghana to pursue his music career. This decision, however, came with its own set of consequences.

The seemingly ‘helpless’ rapper, who had already endured the loss of his grandfather on December 14, 2009, and his father on January 27, 2010, had to face new adversities and fight a formidable battle.

“I was playing casino, betting and sometimes, I go hungry I have to search for money from my friends before I can eat,” he said, recounting previous challenges encountered in his bid to rise in the highly competitive industry.

The narrative underwent a transformation with the infusion of perseverance, strategy, prayers, and other pivotal elements that served as the driving force propelling him towards greatness. This shift began in 2020, amid the challenges of the COVID pandemic. Privately known as Derrick Sarfo Kantanka, he introduced a profound weekly newscasting rap series named ‘Yeete Nsem.’

Drawing inspiration from Asem’s annual wrap-up of key events in the music industry, this initiative, comprising nearly 40 episodes, garnered public attention due to its meticulous packaging, including engaging features, beautiful instrumentation, and clever wit. The public eagerly awaited each Friday for the latest release.

The Delay factor

Although the origin of the rumor surrounding Amerado’s alleged romantic involvement with media personality Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay) remains shrouded in mystery, the rapper acknowledges that it marked one of his notable moments in 2021. Sharing the spotlight with the renowned show host was deemed priceless by Amerado. Undoubtedly, the duo became headline news, and whenever Amerado appeared for interviews, the discussion inevitably veered towards this widely discussed topic.

“…the fact that people think I am dating Delay, it gives me some form of confidence, some form of huge relevance,” he said. “We all know she is trying to help a brand, trying to support my craft as well, so it is what it is.”

Regardless of the veracity or otherwise of the rumors, their truth holds little relevance. What remains undeniable is that Amerado reaped significant benefits from that narrative. Beyond becoming a prominent topic of discussion, which contributed to the heightened visibility of his brand, Delay further amplified his work by sharing it on her extensive social media platforms, reaching a vast audience of her dedicated followers.

Tim Westwood and the tasty ‘beefs’

Amerado’s appearance on Tim Westwood TV in 2021 proved to be an epic moment, contributing significantly to the surge in his appeal. His rap performance not only dominated trends in Ghana but also garnered accolades for his incredible artistry.

While viewers delighted in his skillful display, fellow rapper Obibini took offense to a particular line, interpreting it as a slight, prompting him to gather his musical arsenal for a diss track aimed squarely at Amerado. This sparked a lyrical war between the two, marked by the release of songs like ‘The Throne’ and ‘Deceased,’ each claiming superiority and critiquing the other’s rap prowess.

The narrative later took a turn as Amerado shifted focus to engage in a lyrical clash with Lyrical Joe, who had attacked him over his ‘Best Rapper of the Year’ win. Additionally, Amerado found himself responding to Kofi Mole, who had taken a swipe at him. The rap scene witnessed a series of exchanges as these artists exchanged verbal jabs in the pursuit of asserting their lyrical dominance.

Wins and loses

Despite the underlying notion that musicians create songs primarily for income generation and entertainment rather than awards, these accolades serve as important validations. Beyond mere bragging rights, winning awards can significantly enhance a musician’s visibility and contribute to increased streams, among other benefits.

In 2022, Amerado clinched the Rapper of the Year and EP of the Year titles at the 5th 3Music Awards, followed by the Best Rap Performance award at the 24th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards for his track ‘Obiaa Boa.’ His achievements extend to the Ghana Music Awards France, where he secured the Hiphop Song of the Year and Rapper of the Year titles in 2022, notably for ‘Abotre,’ his collaboration with Black Sherif. These accolades add to Amerado’s list of nominations and wins across various award schemes.

EPs & albums

Since establishing himself in the music industry, Amerado has launched two noteworthy EPs: ‘Patience’ and ‘Young & Strong,’ the latter being a collaborative effort with Strongman, a former member of MicBurners—the label Amerado has been associated with since the inception of his music career. The ‘Patience’ EP hit the airwaves in 2021, while ‘Young & Strong’ followed suit in 2023. Both projects have garnered considerable success.

Amerado’s album ‘GINA,’ released in 2022, elevated his standing in the industry. The album featured collaborations with renowned artists such as Fameye, Efya, Lasmid, Epixode, and others, adding diverse dimensions to his style and propelling his brand to new heights.

Undoubtedly, Amerado’s narrative would be incomplete without the mention of his notable track, ‘Red Letter.’ Demonstrating strategic thinking, he chose to release the version addressed to Strongman before Eno’s and others. Given their past rift, the title of the track sparked anticipation, with many assuming it to be an attack on Strongman. However, the title and artwork turned out to be deceptive, as the song was far from harmful—it was, in fact, a heartfelt eulogy.

The banger ‘Kwaku Ananse’

Undoubtedly, ‘Abotre’ made a significant impact—a massive hit with the sensational Black Sherif delivering the chorus and hook. However, it’s ‘Kwaku Ananse’ that stands out as a true jam, a banger, and, in essence, Amerado’s breakthrough. Departing from his usual rap style, Amerado adopts a singing approach, delving into the intricacies of human nature.

The song reflects on the inevitability of criticism, emphasizing that no matter one’s actions, there will always be fault-finders and complainers. Yet, Amerado remains steadfast in his pursuits. What makes the song magical is its high relatability; it effortlessly embeds itself in one’s subconscious.

As fans continued to appreciate and groove to the song, Amerado took it a step further by releasing a remix featuring Fameye, fanning the flame of its infectious vibe. This remix not only illuminated his musical path but also elevated his brand, broadened his audience appeal, and brought smiles, and perhaps tears of joy, to his face.

The man, once consistently seen in a hoodie, now proudly flaunts his neatly styled ‘afro locs’ —a testament to how far he has come!


Source: Benefo Buabeng (Abrantepa)


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