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‘Almost all Africans see Nigeria as a threat’ – Anger as Ghanaian traders destruct wig sales by Nigerian entrepreneur



Videos captured the chaos situation as several ladies taped posters with insults at Dr. Chi and asking her to cease her sales.

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The Nigerian entrepreneur was reportedly selling wigs at cheap discounts, which had an adverse effect on the protesters’ businesses.

Dr. Chi addressed the event on Instagram and urged everyone to leave the area and to cease fighting in any way.

She added that she had no bad intentions with the organization of the fair but she wanted Ghanaians to also benefit from it as a way of celebrating her 40th birthday.

She said: “Just seeing some of these… don’t worry please… kindly leave the venue and stop every form of fight you guys are putting up against anybody. I and my team have left. Please go home. I will not crash the hair prices in Ghana for them, and that is well understood……I will communicate you all lDr chiater. Thank you Ghana market women, una don win. one love one Africa”

Many people on social media expressed outrage over the Ghanaian traders’ stunt, claiming that they had the opportunity to take part in the sales and repackage the wigs for later sale at a higher price.

Others expressed the opinion that it was not news because many African nations view Nigeria as a danger, which is why they interfered with the fair from which many people could have profited.

See comments here:

tkingzystar: “Almost Every Africans always see Nigerians as a threat.”

iamshadk101: “Make she calm down. Madam you still make profit. Just do it reasonably so others can make their gain as well”

ifenyiwa_joy_chiamonwu: “This is just the beginning of what’s to come. The US and UK will soon follow suit. This is exactly the outcome of voting for bad leaders because “he or she is from my tribe”. Their bad name eventually rubs off on we citizens wherever we are. Both home and in diaspora. We must learn the hard way. I don’t blame any country that choose to close their doors on our faces.”

ladyque1_: “They are giving her more publicity”

sexycoded906: “God bless them. Y’all just gave her a free publicity, now she’s gonna sell more wigs than what she’s supposed to sell in the fair sef. Sometimes there’s a blessing in a bad circumstances/situation”

okpe_sweetgirl: “Some Ghanaians hate Nigerians with passion.I remember entering one saloon to make my hair,immediately the lady heard my accent…she chased me out that she do not make hair for Nigerians,what about when i was hunting for apartment? Jesus i suffer for that country until i decided to quit looking for house It made me shorten my stay there”

ogaga_isb: “You self too do, still go meet person for ‘em Country still wan Comot food for their mouth ”

capitalfragrance: “Make I see any Ghanaian person selling something in Nigeria If I no wipe you araimo cod make I know wetin happen”

don_sylva_e: “Please can someone remind them that Ghana ???????? flag is traffic light in Nigeria ???????? make them stay small humble oo”

See devastating incident in video below:




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