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‘All my money is being spent on diapers’ – Nigerian transgender cries after botched surgery



In an Instagram Live session, Jay Boogie revealed the challenges he had been facing since the botched surgery, which he had previously denied.

In the video, Jay Boogie accused the surgeon who performed the surgery of being incompetent and that the surgeon’s actions had not only ruined his life but but ruined his career.

He also disclosed that his entire life savings had all been spent on essential medical supplies, particularly diapers.

“This man has messed up my whole life, all my money is going into buying diapers. I don’t have any money to take care of my siblings,” he lamented.

He also described the challenges of getting financial assistance, stating, “I pray this doesn’t take my life…”People are no longer donating to me.”

He, however, acknowledged the support he received from some followers and fans.

The influencer’s video has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some expressing sympathy and urging assistance, while others teased him on his situation.

Check out the video below:



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