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10 years of prostitution and nothing to show – A sex worker’s emotional story



Whatever the motivations are, or for whichever benefits people going into the trade of sex world may have, the story of Rochelle Grace might give a different perspective to the age-long trade.

Speaking in an emotional interview with TV3’s Portia Gabor, the commercial sex worker said that after 10 years of selling her body, she has nothing to boast of.

“It’s a calling. If God has not called you into this business, you can’t do it. In fact, this is not what I wished for myself but I don’t know how it happened. I followed friends and sometimes, I would ask myself that, ‘so these girls are into prostitution and they didn’t even come out to open up to me?’

“All my pride, everything I have, the street has taken everything; my virginity. If I have anything left, it’s left for God to decide if I have anything left,” she said.

Recounting her first experience as a sex worker, Rochelle (not her real name) said it happened when she came to Accra as a teenager.

“One Nigerian guy asked me to follow him to Labone where he stayed and that he would allow me to go back home so, I said ok. So, I followed him. When we got there, the guy said he was coming and he locked me inside the room and he molested me…” she explained.

Her favourite verse in the Bible, as she tells Portia, is from Psalm 91.

She also speaks about how she dreamed of being a lawyer or being a personnel of the Police Criminal Investigations Department

Watch her talk about it here:

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