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New prostitution spot springs up in front of Obinim’s church



This was made known after an aggrieved resident shared a video recorded as evidence on social media for the management of the church to take action.

In the said video, the resident who was seated in a vehicle called one of the sex workers and sternly warned her and her colleagues to stay away from the church. According to her, it is simply unimaginable for sex workers to ply their trade by a church.

She said, “Hurry up and go, come on, get out of this place, and none of you should come here again, nonsense! How can you be doing this in front of the church, in front of Obinim’s church. In front of Obinim’s church and there’s prostitution? The church must be made aware, that is why I am taking videos of them. This thing has to end.”

Watch the video below:



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