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VIDEO: Woman With NPP Colors Teeth Sends Message To Mahama



A die-hard NPP supporter paints her teeth with NPP colors just to send a message to Ex-president John Mahama regarding he’s not accepting a total defeat in the upcoming December 7 presidential election sometime ago.

In the video, one might think this woman is not mentally sound because she was only showing her painted tooth but not knowing she wanted attention on the painted tooth with NPP colors.

She started the video by calling out Ex-president’s name John Mahama, “This is Kumasi market women talking to you, do you how we suffered before President Nana Addo came to power? Do you know how Nana Addo has helped the market women? We used to sell our clothes just to take care of children in school. We don’t sell our clothes anymore because Nana Addo has introduced free education, and we are very happy in this country.

We heard you saying(John Mahama) that you won’t accept the election results if President Nana Addo wins and if you won’t. What else do you want to accept? We are waiting for you and we are going to vote for President Nana Addo and if don’t accept look at these teeth, have ever seen these before? These are Kumasi market women’s teeth. We will chew you with these teeth.

Nana Addo will be the winner in the coming December 7th presidential election. If you won’t accept this then, we are going to chew you with these teeth, She added.

Watch the video below:


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