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VIDEO: Banks in Ghana are bogus – Kennedy Agyapong


Kennedy Agyapong, MP, Assin Central

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong (NPP – Assin Central MP) has described banks in Ghana as bogus due to the poor services they offer to their customers.

Narrating his ordeal with some of the banks on ‘The Attitude with Hon Ken Agyapong’, a show on his own TV station, the owner of Kencity Media stated that the banks like the money of the customer more than the customer who is going to deposit their money at the bank.

He disclosed that on April 30, 2021, he was given a cheque for payment as well as payment of other duties, so he called his bankers to come to his outfit at about 4 PM by which time the cheque would have been cleared by another bank.

Agyapong further disclosed that the bank he was going to clear the cheque from told him emphatically, “the image is not clear and was asked to redeposit the cheque till Tuesday”.

The banker never thought that the cheque you want to clear is going to be used for your business. He wants his books to look good, so they bounced my own cheque which I [had] signed. Today, they bounced my GH¢5,355,000 with an excuse that the image was not clear.”

He then addressed the bankers directly, “Listen, you are not the only wise people we have. They said the image is not clear but present it on Tuesday, why should I present something which is blurred on Tuesday?”

“Ghana banks, I won’t take anyone out of it, they are all bogus. Yes! They bounced my cheque just because you want your balance to look good because it is the end of the month…I don’t borrow from you. I don’t give a damn about any bank. Had it not been [for] armed robbers, I would have saved my money in my room. You are such a useless entity,” he charged.

Agyapong added that even when he had not done any transaction, the banks deduct from his savings because he thinks that it is a normal process, he has no problem with that.

“But you are making money out of me…you only want your books to look good so you just bounced my cheque stating that the image is not clear, present it on Tuesday, you are foolish!” he stressed.

Kennedy Agyapong stated that he has been advised to stop insulting because he looks like someone who can be either the President or Vice President of Ghana, but the NPP firebrand answered those who admonish him in pidgin thus, “Ebi President I go chop, ebi Vice President I go chop, ebi my work, a good work that will give me money to eat. Go to hell with your President and Vice President…”

He indicated further that from 28th to 30th or 31st of the month when you present a cheque to all the banks in Ghana to withdraw your own money they will bounce the cheque because it is month ending and they want their bank balances to look good.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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