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US government threatened Adwoa Safo with losing her children – Aide reveals



Seth Kofi Osei Kissi, the spokesperson for Adwoa Safo, disclosed these details in an interview with Kwabena Mensah Abrompah on Radio Univers on September 20, 2023.

According to Kissi, one of the reasons for Adwoa Safo’s absence was a threat she received regarding the potential loss of custody of her children.

He further revealed that another event contributing to Adwoa Safo’s absence was the loss of her newborn baby shortly after childbirth.

Adwoa Safo, the aide narrated went to the US and was confronted with the threat that “if she doesn’t take care, her children will be taken away from her, the children are two; one male and one female and it is the male who had that problem (medical condition).

“You see, the white culture and ours are two separate things, they have a way of taking care of children, ladies, and animals, but when you come here, it is different, so the whites were serious about that.

“The issue overpowered her, she thought it was something minor but when she went and realized the severe nature of it, and how her child had been going to the hospital to-and-fro, her own father and her family even lost communication with her.

“The issue took over her life to the extent that she didn’t know what to do because going to give birth and losing your child and your other one is also having a problem but God was able to intervene on her behalf, so, it is all about pleading with everybody for forgiveness.”

Meanwhile, the former gender minister last week broke her silence on her prolonged absence from parliament.

She offered an unreserved apology to her party and its members, shedding light on the personal challenges she and her family faced during that period.

Adwoa Safo acknowledged that her absence was unintentional and expressed deep remorse for any inconvenience it may have caused.



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