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UN Secretary Agrees with Nana Addo and prays Africa forgives the West



The concerns expressed by the UN Secretary about the West’s treatment of Africa are significant and reflect ongoing discussions about global economic disparities. It is unfortunate that African nations continue to face challenges such as poverty and limited access to resources.
The Secretary highlights Portugal as a perceived discrepancy in how Western institutions handle economic issues. The Secretary questions why similar challenges faced by Portugal, such as inflation, rising interest rates, and unemployment receive favorable treatment compared to African countries. This raises questions about potential biases and inequalities in the international economic system.
The Secretary mentioned of COVID-19 vaccines and the ability of some countries to print money during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict as some of the disparities. The limited access to vaccines in Africa, along with the financial flexibility that some countries possess during crises, further exacerbates the challenges faced by African nations.
Furthermore, the Secretary expressed dismay over rating agencies’ actions that restrict African countries’ access to the Eurobonds market. This deprivation of loans hampers their ability to restructure their economies and overcome developmental hurdles.
He indicated that it was crucial to address these concerns and work towards a more equitable global economic system that supports sustainable development in Africa. The UN Boss mentioned agains that, Collaboration, dialogue, and initiatives focused on empowering African nations are key to overcoming the current devastating agenda to foster a more inclusive and prosperous future for the continent.
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