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Two ladies pass out and lose their virginity after drinking laced beer



It’s December, so everyone is in a good mood, but ladies, you might want to drink less alcohol for fear of being poisoned.

In a scary case, two teenage girls from the Mpopoma suburb of Bulawayo are said to have passed out at a party where their alcohol was spiked with an unknown substance. They were then robbed of their “virtue.”

The two teens who were sexually attacked while drunk stayed alone, and it turned out that they were always being beaten up for food and other small things like beer.

Inspector Abednico Ncube, a spokesman for the police in Bulawayo, confirmed the incident.

He told parents and guardians that they shouldn’t let their kids live alone because it puts them in danger.

“We want to warn parents and guardians not to leave their kids alone while they try to make money in the diaspora. This puts children at risk,” he said.

A source close to the investigation says that the two young girls were drinking beer at a party in the Matshobane suburb on Saturday of last week.

It is said that while they were drinking, they didn’t know that the alcohol had been spiked with something they didn’t know. After a few minutes, they started to feel sleepy, so they were taken to one of the bedrooms.

“Two men sexually attacked them while they were sleeping. When they woke up, they saw what was going on, but they couldn’t do anything because the two men threatened to stab them,” the source said.

When the people who were raped had fully recovered, they told the police what had happened.

A source with knowledge of the investigation said that police were told that the two victims had been sexually attacked since March of this year.

“Police from the Victim Friendly Unit are looking into the case of sexual abuse, and it is thought that the two minors were abused sexually for food and other small things,” the source said.


Source: Club Mate

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