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This why Kweku Darlington shot the ‘Osama’ music video with his ‘girlfriend’




Ghanaian rap sensation Kweku Darlington has disclosed the lady in the “Osama” music video is a female friend and not a lover, as purported on social media.

There have been rumours in the social media space that Kweku Darlington was in a romantic relationship with the curvy, beautiful lady in his just-released “Osama” music video.

The music video captures Kweku Darlington in some nostalgic moments of romance in a beautifully synchronised masterpiece.

But according to Kweku Darlington, the lady in question is Viviana Cann Sarah, who happens to be a good friend, but they are not in a sensual relationship.

“Viviana is a very good friend, and despite not knowing her for too long, it always feels like we have been friends for ages. The connection in the video was very cool, and she played her role very well. I really appreciate her vibe on set,” he said.

Kweku Darlington added, “I can understand why people think she is my girlfriend because of some scenes in the music video, but we are just close friends and nothing more.”

The much-talked-about video was filmed and edited by renowned director Kojo Myles for Kweku Darlington, who is a signee of Yve Records.

Watch video below:


Source: GNA

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