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More than 20 bags of human remains found buried under cartel house



When police raided a Mexican warehouse, they found a narco-grave with more than 20 bags of dead bodies in it. Nine people who were thought to be part of the notorious Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) were arrested.

When police in Mexico broke into a warehouse on January 13, they found a narco-grave with more than 20 bags full of dead bodies.

As a result, nine people who were thought to be members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) were arrested. This included José Luis “N,” “El Pozolero,” the leader of the cartel.

Luis was accused of kidnapping and cutting up people in August 2022. He is in charge of one of the CJNG’s groups of criminals.

During an investigation of this man, it was found that he may have had something to do with murders in the Toluca Valley and in the south of the state of Mexico. An agent from the Public Prosecutor’s Office asked for search warrants to be issued for two properties where crimes had been committed.

In the warehouse in Tenango Del Valle, police used heavy equipment to break up the cement on the floor, which is how they found the bodies.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Justice of the State of Mexico (FGEDOMEX) said that the murder victims would have been killed in Toluca, which is another municipality of EDOMEX.

Generation Cartel (CJNG) was taken into custody.
For now, the judicial authorities haven’t been able to figure out the sexe, age, or relationship between the human remains. They also don’t know how many people were killed, but the statement said that “the corresponding forensic processes are continuing.”

On the property, there were also pot wrappers.

Just one day before the narco-grave was found, on January 12, the CJNG told people in Valle de Chalco, Edomex, that they would be killed, “abducted,” or have their hands cut off.

Members of the criminal group in Jalisco threatened people who said they were part of the group with narco-banners.

On the signs, it says: “I want to warn everyone in Chalco, Valle, and the area around them that anyone caught selling drugs will be taken away and killed. If someone steals, their hands will be cut off.”


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