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Meet the man that caused Wiyaala’s citation blunder



Mohammed Mardah

It has emerged that Noella Wiyaala’s refusal to accept a citation from the President of The Bronx Borough, Vanessa L. Gibson, backstage was caused by one Mohammed Mardah, a Ghanaian based in the United States.

Mohammed Mardah, who identifies himself as the Chairman of the African Advisory Council to the Bronx Borough President’s office, has taken responsibility for whatever happened during the SummerStage festival over the weekend.

He indicated that he wanted to show the world two of Ghana’s best and acknowledge their commitment to artistic excellence.

Mardah wrote on his Facebook timeline: “I want to state categorically and emphatically that! The Bronx Borough President bears NO RESPONSIBILITY for what happened last night at Summerstage 2022.

“Shatta Wale bears NO RESPONSIBILITY for what happened at Summerstage 2022 in the Bronx. Is rather unfortunate that the idea to amplify the event and show the world two of Ghana’s best and acknowledging [sic] their commitment to artistic excellence failed. That was MY fault. ”

In apologising to the Afro-pop singer, Mardah stated that the intent of the citation presentation was to show unity and cohesion among the artistes but it failed.

“So, I am hereby rendering an unqualified apology to Wiyaala and her team. I initiated the idea of the citation with the Borough President in my capacity as Chairman of the African Advisory Council to the BP’s office. And the intent to show unity and cohesion failed.

“I would elaborate further, but the main point here is that neither Shatta Wale nor the Borough President had any responsibility in what happened,” Mohammed Mardah’s post concluded.

Noella Wiyaala in a series of social media posts has been complaining about how she was treated unfairly at the event to the extent of her rejecting a presentation of citation of merit backstage.

She said, the organisers of the show had informed her that she would be presented with a citation on stage during Shatta Wale’s performance, so, she should wait.

“At approximately 6pm 13th August, Wiyaala was advised that she and Shatta Wale would be presented with a Citation of Merit by Vanessa L Gibson, President of The Bronx Borough on stage during an interval in his performance at @SummerStageNYC.

“At about 8.15 pm Shatta wale’s performance was paused and Council Member Vanessa L. Gibson and Wiyaala went to the back of the stage for the presentation of the citations. Vanessa went forward to do the presentation whilst an unknown person advised Wiyaala to wait. The presentation was made to Shatta Wale.

“Vanessa then immediately vacated the stage without calling Wiyaala forward. Wiyaala was then told she could receive her award backstage out of sight of the audience. Wiyaala refused to accept the award under these circumstances and left Crotona Park for her hotel,” Wiyaala narrated in her Facebook post.

Wiyaala continued: “Vanessa was challenged by members of Wiyaala’s team as to why she had not been called forward to receive her Citation on stage. Initially, Vanessa blamed the organisers (SummerStage NYC) but eventually said that she had been blocked from calling Wiyaala forward by Team Shatta Wale.

“Wiyaala does not accept awards or citations from any organization backstage.

“Wiyaala respectfully requests that Team Shatta Wale confirm if they did block Wiyaala from coming on stage to receive her citation at the same time as Shatta Wale. And if they did no such thing, then Vanessa L Gibson should account for why she disrespected Wiyaala in this manner on a night of supposed unity and mutual support.

“Unless acceptable and credible explanations are forthcoming, Wiyaala has no intention of accepting the Citation of Merit supposedly awarded her by the Bronx Borough.”

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“This is what happened and we now move on. Cased closed, good night #Roarrrrrr,” she concluded.



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