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Is cleaners in Qatar earning more than teachers and doctors in Ghana?

Efo Banks [L] has been in Doha for 6 years

A Ghanaian based in Doha, the capital city of Qatar, identified as Efo Banks, has shared his six years of experience living in the Arab country.

Speaking to Zion Felix in an interview monitored by GhanaWeb, Efo Banks, who has been in Doha for almost 6 years, stated that even though the standard of living in Doha is high, one can still earn enough and can save enough.

He explained that he left for Qatar in search of greener pastures after all avenues in the film industry had been exhausted. He started as a labourer or construction helper when he arrived in Doha but with hard work, he’s now a safety officer.

“I do everything in Doha; so basically I’m a businessman. I’m an occupational, health and safety officer in Doha. I have been here for almost 6 years. I relocated to Qatar for greener pastures. In Ghana, I was a filmmaker. I did that job for 6 years and left Ghana in 2016…I started as a construction helper and also a labourer but now a safety officer,” he said in Twi.

According to him, skilled workers like electricians quickly get employed when they travel to Doha as compared to people without any qualifications.

“Seeking a job in Qatar is dependent on the qualifications that you bring. Electricians, for example, are in high demand. Living in Doha is tough; that’s the truth. But if you are a hardworking and focused person, you will sail through,” he explained.

He reiterated that, though the standard of living in Qatar is high, it is better as compared to living in Ghana. He added that even cleaners earn as much as GH¢6,000 as a monthly salary.

“As a cleaner, you can earn a monthly salary of GH¢6,000. You won’t have to pay rent, water bills, or transportation costs with this. Some of the companies even give you food,” Efo Banks said.

Using himself as an example, he explained that he pays as much as $2,500 as rent for 3 apartments.

“The standard of living is high, rent is expensive. I pay $1000 for rent. I own 3 apartments. I take them and also rent them to people. I pay $2,500 as rent for these apartments.”

He intimated that there are strict regulations on the consumption of alcohol, adding that one needs a legal license to even purchase alcohol.

“The Qataris are very hospitable, so staying here is very good. You can do everything here…You need a legal license to drink alcohol, even in your home. The license is expensive and also they don’t want people to abuse it. They also look at your salary to decide on that. So the only place you can get alcohol to drink are the clubs,” he added.

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