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I will organise people to beat any lookalike who jokes with my brand – Oseikrom Sikanii



Ghanaian musician Ransford Brefo, who is known in the showbiz circles as Oseikrom Sikanii has stated that he would organise people to beat anyone who will pose as his lookalike and joke with his brand.

In his words, these self-acclaimed lookalikes look out for brands they can associate themselves with, but he has a unique brand that makes it difficult for people to joke with and pose as him.

He continued by saying that he has a lookalike but he [lookalike] knowing who Oseikrom is cannot take to social media and proclaim he is the lookalike of Oseikrom Sikanii because he knows what he [Oseikrom Sikanii] can do to him.

The singer shared his views on the lookalike issue in an interview with Aba Guy Guy on Original TV.

He stated: “These lookalikes look out for the brand of some musicians and when you look at my brand, you should know you cannot joke with it. They play with people who will give them the chance to do that. Who says I don’t have a lookalike? I do but the thing is he cannot joke with me and announce on social media that he is my lookalike. I will let people beat you, I can gather people to beat you up”.

Oseikrom Sikanii disclosed he has acquired adequate knowledge about the law and brags about having several numbers of lawyers. Hence, he would not hesitate to arrest anyone who performs his songs at shows without his consent.

“I am a funny guy but my lawyers are very active. I have many lawyers and not just one. If an organizer makes the mistake of allowing someone to perform my songs at events, I’ll arrest both of you no matter the money you dey hold. I’ll let you know I know the law,” he added.

He also said that one of the reasons why he wants to dissociate himself from this lookalike story is because he believes it could bring more problems to the existing ones he is already faced with, explaining that he has already been tagged as a bad person on social media because there are some people who impersonate him to commit crimes.

He then added he was looking for someone to use as a scapegoat to deter others from doing same.

“A lot of people may see these acts to be harmless, but I see it to be a big deal because I think I’ll generate problems for me. Already people are using my name to fraud people on the internet. People are using my name for money but I don’t that and because of that, I have been given a bad name. So, I need someone to use as a scapegoat to tell people that I am harmful,” he said.

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