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I was contracted to burn people and a family house – Former hardened armed robber discloses



Detailing one of the worst operations he encountered during his time as an armed robber, in an interview with Kwaku Manu, monitored by GhanaWeb, Patrick Donkor disclosed an instance when he was contracted, together with other robbers, to burn a family and their house in Bekwai.

According to the former drug addict, he and his team were paid by this young man who felt unfairly treated by his extended family after the demise of his father.

Patrick added that gallons of petrol were bought and surveillance was also done to ensure they executed the job perfectly.

“I was contracted to travel to Bekwai to go and burn a family and a house as a form of revenge for the person. The person’s father had died. We were to burn everyone and the house. This happened almost 20 years ago.

“We took the money, and he bought gallons of petrol and he took us to the family house in Bekwai. We gave him the time we would come and finish the job,” he said in the interview.

However, he said on the dawn of the intended operation, they had a change of mind as they realised they were being underpaid for the execution of the job.

“When we went, we realised the amount he had given to us was very small due to how big and risky the job was.

“However, we came back and attacked the guy who contracted us to do the job. We realised he just wanted to use us for his revenge.

“The young man said the house was for his late father. After his demise, the extended family took over the house and sacked he and his siblings,” he explained further.

Patrick further disclosed that he has turned over a new leaf and has stopped all the bad things he used to engage in.




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