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Ghanaian markets boom with sale of leaves for protection and fortification – Report



According to a Graphic Online report, these sought after leaves are used for various purposes including warding of ‘evil spirts’, improving financial standing and even helping users to find love or good luck.

In the Ghanaian traditional setting, these leaves are believed to have varied significance for which they are used.

Some traders, who spoke with Graphic Online confirmed that they have ditched their respective sale items to now focus on selling these leaves which have been lucrative and highly sought after.

They also confirmed that customers who patronised them did so based on direction given to them by either pastors or spiritual leaders.

“So, when they come, they know the type of leaf to buy,” one trader is quoted by the portal.

“For instance, some have love issues. Since they came to Accra, no man has proposed to them. Every man they date leaves them for petty reasons, those with serious financial issues, those who are over 40 years and are unable to marry, among others. There are different leaves to solve this, though you can combine two or more leaves,” another trader claimed.

Among the variety of leaves on sale, there seemed to be one that was highly sought after and sold out quickly. It is dubbed as “Taameawu” which is said to possess a very high potency.

Auntie Awo, a trader at Kaneshie market who sells the leaves claimed that “Taameawu” was one of the most powerful leaves created by God.

She explained that the leaves are often used to ward off bad spirits and avert bad dreams.

“You can put some under your pillow to avoid bad dreams and also to prevent spiritual attacks. No bayie can come close to you,” she said while explaining how the leaves are applied.

When questioned on why she ventured into such a business, Auntie Awo recounted that back in 2016, her sister, who was traditional priest in her hometown at Akwadum in the Eastern Region, had esteemed knowledge about the leaves and its purposes.

She added that the sale of the leaves has gradually become a booming business with many customers coming after it.

“And so, when I saw that the business was booming in Accra, I knew I could do this because I already knew about spiritual leaves,” Auntie Awo recounted.



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