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Dr. Kwabena Adjei: All about the Ghanaian billionaire who lives in the forest



When he made the millions he had worked tirelessly for after so many years, he took some of it back home; to his roots, and transformed his community.

That is the story of Dr. Kwabena Adjei, the President, Founder and Group Chairman of the Kasapreko Company Limited, who was born in the heart of Bronyiama, a forest area in the Western Region.

He grew up there, left to the city to make ends meet, and then returned home with enough money to uplift the status of his people.

Today, having been inspired by his forefathers, he has transformed what he inherited as a family house in Bronyiama, into a castle, befitting the status of his extended family.

And he adds that the house is not in the name of his nuclear family, but solely for those of the extended family.

Speaking with Ghana’s biggest YouTuber, Wode Maya, in one of a series of interviews, the soft-talking Kasapreko boss explained that, having been born in a forest in the Western Region, he faced many challenges even just to get basic education.

“I was born here and for the first 13 years of my life, it was here. I never travelled anywhere for those 13 years and it was very challenging because even here, I was not living in this village; only mother, my father and myself lived in the middle of the forest.

“So, I used to walk for about almost 5 miles to come to school here,” he explained.

Dr. Kwabena Adjei further explained his decision to retire in the very village that brought him up after many years of serving Ghanaians with trusted brands for decades.

“I’m a villager and I want to live in the village with the people and eat what they eat: grow your own thing and eat your own thing,” he added.

He is also the head of the Aduana Family.

When asked why he has not put himself out there as would have been expected of persons of his pedigree, Dr. Kwabena Adjei said what mattered is the impact he is making through his works.

“I don’t believe being out there will add any value to what I’m doing. You see the eagle, when it wants to hunt, it studies it prey and goes direct, straight, and picks it, and even it can even catch snakes.

“So, I focus, not being flamboyant. So, mine is focus, focus, focus,” he said.

The visionary Dr. Kwabena Adjei started this journey from a garage but has now developed the only Ghanaian-owned company in Ghana that produces herbal-based alcoholic and non-alcoholic products.

Moved by the increasing demand for quality alcoholic products, Kasapreko Company Ltd was founded in 1989 with the niche for producing herbal-based alcoholic products that are sourced locally.

Watch the inspiring story of Dr. Kwabena Adjei with Wode Maya below:





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