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Woman allegedly kill her 10-year old housemaid, dump her body in forest



Madam Uju allegedly beat di girl to death, troway her body for forest

One woman for Enugu, Southeastern Nigeria dey face accuse for killing her 10 year old house help.

Tori be say Madam Uju, bin ellgedly kill di house help, Precious Korshima, troway her deadi bodi for one forest.

Tori of little Precious death comot afta her papa, Jerry B Achirkpi, enta social media to cry for pipo to help am get justice for im daughter.

Oga Achirkpi say na di madam wey im carry im pikin give to work for am na im take her mouth confess say na she allegdely kill di pikin, troway her body.

Tok tok pesin for Enugu Police Command, Daniel Ndukwe, tell BBC Igbo say wetin Oga Achirkpi tok, “na so e happun.”

But Oga Ndukwe add say dem still dey torchlight di case.

Wetin happun?

Achirkpi say, na for March 2022 im carry im daughter give Madam Uju.

Di madam promise to send di girl go school while di girl go dey help her take care of her new born baby.

“My pikin bin dey wit Madam Uju reach November dis year, wen pesin call me wit Uju fone, come say dem be tiff and say dem kidnap Ujunwa aand her pikin as well as my daughter, and say we go need to pay 20 million to release dem,” Achirkpi tok for social media.

“On 15 November, Uju broda call me say dem don release dem. Wen I call Ujunwa, she say di tiff dem shoot my daughter Precious, and dem tell me to come to di police station for New Haven.”

Precious papa say, na afta some few days na im di Madam Ujunwa call am, tell am say  na she kill im pikin without knowing.

“Wen I ask am wia her body dey, she say fear bin catch her so she go troway her deadi bodi for forest near Ituku-Ozalla highway.”

According to Achirkpi, police say wen dem reach wia she throw di body, dem no find am, but dem see sometin wey burn.

Im say di villagers say dia Igwe give dem order make dem burn di body becos e dey smell badly.

Wetin police tok?

Enugu police tok tok pesin, Daniel Ndukwe, confam give BBC say true-true di incident bin happun.

Ndukwe say dem don arrest di woman wey allegedly kill di pikin, but dem still dey investigate.

“So far we neva sabi exactly wetin happun,” im tok.

“Di investigation still dey go on. E no go good to talk to journalists now becos we neva finish di investigate.”

Nigeria laws on rights of pikin

Nigeria get some laws wey dey protect small pikin dem from abuse and torture.

E get di Child Right Act based on di United Nations Convention on di Rights of di Child, wey Nigeria issue for 2003 and revise for 2015.

E also get di Anti-Torture Act 2017 wey dey based on article 19 of di United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UNCAT).

Dis laws forbid di use of child as labourers, or to torture dem any way or to deny dem from di opportunity to go school.

Dem say every pikin get right to live full life, right to get name, right to get family, right to play, right to health, right to education, right to dignity, plus odas.

Still, even wit dis laws, children for Nigeria  dey face abuse and torture, and most times pipo wey dey responsible for dis crimes against children dey go scut free without any punishment.




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