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Clients pays GHS1000 to GHS2500 to our madam, but she gives us 400 to eat – Sex workers



It was recently reported by Punch News that a certain socialite who identifies as Madam Success has been remanded in Prison for allegedly luring 4 female students between the ages of 13-15 from Akwa Ibom to Agbor, Delta State to do prostitution.

During an interview with these girls, one of the victims revealed that after the men slept with them, they paid N1000 or N2500 which goes to their madam directly, but she only gave them N400.

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According to her, the N400 was given to them to eat for the day and that was the only money they get in a day. However, she further revealed that they each slept with 5 men in a day and their madam bought skimpy dresses for each of them to make them more appealing to male customers.
She said, “We sleep with 5 men daily and they pay N1000 or N2500, but our madam only gives us N400 to eat.

“The clothes we are wearing she selectively bought them for us. We were lured here under the guise that we will work as sales girls in a beer parlour. All we wanted to get was money for our school fees”.




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