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Cecilia Marfo cries uncontrollably on TV, blames Kennedy Agyapong, Diana Asamoah for predicament of her church



She blamed the near-collapse state of her church on Assin Central Member of Parliament (MP), Kennedy Agyapong, and fellow gospel musician, Diana Asamoah, for their issues with her that led to some of her members not attending her church.

While narrating her ordeal, Cecilia Marfo was crying uncontrollably as she attributed it to the pains she had gone through due to the state of her church.

Speaking in an interview with JoyPrime TV on the Prime Morning show monitored by GhanaWeb, Cecilia Marfo noted that she has forgiven all the people whose inactions affected her ministry but believes God will deal with them at the right time.

This is how the conversation ensued between Cecilia Marfo and the host of the program, Rosely Felli:

Rosely Felli: There was a time when Kennedy Agyapong was criticizing some gospel musicians, some people said it affected their church, were you also affected?

Cecilia Marfo: What they have done to me, God will fight for me. I had over 400 church members. If I tell you it’s left with 40, would you believe it? Sometimes, when I think about the church I cry and I know everyone will be held accountable by God,” [afterward, she bowed down her head and started weeping uncontrollably].

Roselyn Felli: What Diana did pained you because she was like a sister to you, right?

Cecilia Marfo: When my sister Diana Asamoah invited me to her programme, I attended, but God told me to keep quiet because I am not the one to judge. The people who have repented through my songs are more than my church members. I have controlled myself but the way I think about the church is worrying and I know God has been good to me. The Bible says we should let things go. It is past but she is my sister. As believers, we should be wary of certain things that we do.


It will be recalled that Diana Asamoah described Cecilia Marfo as someone who is immature in Christ due to her high tone when she is ministering.

“Cecilia is yet to mature in God but I believe by the grace of God, through guidance and counselling, she is growing,” said Diana Asamoah,” she stated in an interview with Zionfelix.

Diana added, “The Holy Spirit can be controlled if He is truly working within you. Imagine I start speaking to you right now in tongues, you won’t understand it. When you are mature in Christ, worshipping God is not about preaching or praying at the top of your lungs. It also doesn’t mean that shouting in prayer is not good but let the works of your life depict maturity in God.”

The comment did not sit well with Cecilia Marfo who deemed it disappointing.


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