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Burna Boy reacts to report that he’s worth $22 million



Afrobeats sensation Burna Boy has responded to a recent Google report that estimated his net worth at $22 million.

The singer hinted that his actual net worth might be quite different from the reported figure.

In a recent interview, the host run a quick search on Burna Boy and his net worth brought up by the Google search indicated Burna Boy’s net worth to be $22 million.

The anchor, therein, asked Burna Boy if the search result was accurate or inaccurate.

In response, Burna Boy burst into laughter upon hearing the revelation. He continued to laugh for a few moments before regaining his composure.

After his laughter subsided, Burna Boy shared that he doesn’t mind if people perceive his worth to be at that level, but he implied that the reported figure is not accurate.

He didn’t explicitly state whether the reported net worth was too high or too low, but from his demeanor, he is suspected to worth more.

It’s worth noting that Burna Boy had made headlines previously for purchasing two luxurious cars in December of the previous year, indicating his significant spending power.

While Burna Boy’s exact net worth remains a matter of speculation, his reaction to the Google report adds an element of mystery to his financial status.

He asked Burna Boy whether the search result had been accurate or if it had been inaccurate.

Watch the video below:


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