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Ashgold protests suspension by GFA from all football-related activities



Dismissed Ghana Premier League side, Ashanti Gold Sporting Club have issued a press release to express disagreement with the Ghana Football Association (GFA) over its decision to suspend the club from all football-related activities.

On Friday, August 18, the club issued a press release to protest the decision.

The club argues that the suspension is illegal as the GFA did not have the required numbers at Congress to pass such a resolution.

“Despite not having the required number of eligible delegates voting in support of the suspension, the General Secretary of the Association went ahead to confirm the suspension of the club, in direct contradiction to Article 17 (2) of the GFA statutes, 2019, as quoted “suspension of a Member by the Congress requires more than 50 percent of the delegates representing the Members present and eligible to vote and three quarters voting for the suspension,” part of the release from Ashgold SC said.

It added, “We, therefore, write to express our disagreement with the suspension as it is in contradiction with the demands of Article 17 (2) of the Ghana Football Association statutes, 2019.”

Ashanti Gold are requesting that the GFA rectifies the error in the decision to suspend the club.

Below is a copy of the Ashanti Gold SC press release:


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