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50-year-old woman looking for love



I am a successful 50-year-old lady who has already accomplished most of the goals I had when I was younger. I own three homes, a tonne of liquor stores, and two eateries.

I am not married and have no children. I know you are wondering why I am not, but it was because of something my father did when he was married to my mother.

Growing up, I remember my mother telling us not to trust any man and work very hard to achieve a lot for ourselves.

My father was a very rich man and according to my mother, she got married to my father with no training skills.

She didn’t like the idea of getting married without any work or training skills but she trusted the words of my father, who told her he would take care of her but did otherwise.

I witnessed the maltreatment my mother went through and what he did to his children made me have second thoughts about marriage and bearing kids.

I didn’t want any man to maltreat me and I also didn’t want to bring innocent children to suffer any form of maltreatment.

So, all my life has been about work and taking care of other people’s children.

For some time, I have yearned for the touch and company of a man. It hasn’t happened once but several times.

I want to be loved and I hope I am not too late considering my age.


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