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‘Your father is a thief’ – How a teacher ‘embarrassed’ Kwesi Pratt’s children in front of their classmates



Speaking on the June 15, 2023, edition of Mero TV’s Good Morning Ghana show, Kwesi Pratt said his children were called out by their teacher for having a thief for a father at a time when he was being accused of receiving a bribery payment.

“There was one instant where their teacher actually called them in front of the class, this was the time when the allegation had been made that I’ve taken $125,000 and so on, and told that class that their father is a thief,” he shared.

His revelation was on the back of a discussion about the collateral damage suffered by the persons close to politicians and people in the public limelight as a result of the abuse and slander they are subjected to.

“I allowed that to go. I mean that is an ignorant poor soul. He will live with that. No point, I allowed that to go,” he said of the incident involving the teacher of his children.



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