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Supreme Court turned into Stupid Court: I’m not talking of Ghana’s judiciary – Kpessa-Whyte clarifies



The critical comments were posted on May 29, 2023 on Twitter lamenting generally the state of the judiciary and accusing it of partisanship and lack of common sense.

“They have succeeded in turning a Supreme Court into a Stupid Court. Commonsense is now a scare commodity. A major element in the death of democracies is partisanship in the delivery of justice. Our judges need lessons in political philosophy and ethics. Time will tell !” the tweet read.

Three days later, the academic cum politician posted two tweets pointing out that people had been reaching out to him over the content of his tweet apparently linking it to the Ghanaian judiciary.

His first clarification tweet read: “Thanks to all who have asked questions about my May 19th 2023 tweet. For the avoidance of doubt I follow judicial decisions in many countries and so the said tweet cannot be pinned to Ghana. It has more to with developments elsewhere including the US. We live in a global village.”

“Folks, a number of you have called to express concerns about my safety following my recent tweets. I want to make it clear that NONE of my recent tweets about judicial decisions are in reference to Ghana’s judiciary. My focus currently is on developments elsewhere outside Ghana,” he stressed.

See his three tweets below:



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