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Scores severely injured in gory accident on Accra–Cape Coast road



Several people have reportedly been injured in a road clash on the Accra – Cape Coast Road on Tuesday, September 5, 2023.

A video from the accident scene shared by Adom FM, on Instagram, showed a lot of injured people laying helplessly on the ground.

Some of the pedestrians who were helping the accident victims could be heard saying, “Is an ambulance not coming to help them?”

“May God help them. Please, put them in a car and take them to the hospital. Is no one coming to help?” one woman can be heard asking.

Parts of the cars involved in the clash could also be seen scattered all over the road.

At least three vehicles were involved in the class.

The frontage of a taxi, which was included in the clash, was completely destroyed.

Watch the video from the accident scene below:




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