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Police arrest 10 suspects over horrible death of FUOYE student



Tori be say dem declare di student missing on 5 September but Ekiti State Police Command for one statement tok say dem find her deadi bodi for shallow grave at a distance of about 30 metres behind di nursing lecture hall.

Di tok-tok pesin for di command DSP Abutu Sunday say dem don arrest 10 suspects already and investigation dey currently go on.

E say di deadi bodi of di deceased don already dey morgue for autopsy.

“While im appeal to evri one to dey calm, di Commissioner vow say di Command go do evritn possible to get di identity of pipo wey do am and ensure say dem face di law,” di statement tok.

Meanwhile, di management f di school don tok sori to Deborah family and students of di university sake of di death.

Dem say investigation dey go on to get to di root of di mata as dem appeal to students and oda stakeholders to remain calm.

Di Student Union Government president of di school, Ebo Timileyin tell BBC News Pidgin say no be true say dem comot di student private parts.

E say her private parts dey intact wen dem find di deadi bodi.

Ebo also tok say di school authorities dey ontop di mata and pipo wey get hands for di student death go face di wrath of di law.

NANS give Fuoye 48 hours to present killers

Di Office of di Director of Gender, Equality and Mobilisation, Southwest, for National Association of Nigeria Students give di authorities FUOYE 48 hours to present Deborah killers to di world.

For one statement wey dem release on 7 September, dem say if di school no meet up wit dia deadline, dem go mobilise dia members and make di environment hostile.

Dem say dia community stand united against any form of violence, discrimination, or unjust.

Dem also vow say dem no go rest until justice don dey served.

“We call upon di broader advocating community to join us to demand justice and ensure say dis kain tragic incident dey prevented for di future. Togeda we fit work towards safer, more just society for all,” di statement tok.


Source: BBC

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