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Over 200 individuals has so far benefitted from Ollennu Petty trading support program



The aspiring parliamentary candidate has hinted that what motivated him to aspire for the NPP Ledzokuku primaries was that he has the youth at heart and believes that he is the only person who can change the narrative going round that the good people of Teshie Ledzokuku municipality doesn’t like work but need to create certain environment that can inject some push to whatever they’re doing.
“My vision he has is high than any contender in the race and ready to work with everyone in the constituency” he stressed.
Speaking in an interview with the media, the aspiring parliamentary candidate for Ledzokuku Constituency on the ticket of NPP,  Nii Ashittey Ollennu hinted that not less than 200 people benefited from Ollennu Petty Trading Support Programme and assured that when given the mandate to represent the good people of Ledzokuku municipality he is going to ensure that he do more to help reduce unemployment rate in the community.
According to him, with utmost enthusiasm and an unwavering commitment to serve the good people of Ledzokuku constituency.
He was optimistic that been the fresh face among the contenders and have unwavering voice that the of Ledzokuku needs to represent them in parliamentary come 2025.
According to him, as the party geared up to embark on a crucial journey of electing the torch beaver for the (NPP) in the upcoming Ledzokuku parliamentary primaries, and he would like to take the opportunity to introduce himself and outline the reasons why he believe that he is the best candidate to recaptured Ledzokuku seat for the NPP.
Nii Ashittey Ollennu pointed out that with experience and wisdom and haven’t worked in both public and private domains and have gained invaluable insights and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by Ledzokuku constituency and the people.
According to him,  Ledzokuku deserves fresh face with fresh ideas and innovative solutions to tackle the pressing issues we face. As someone who believes in the power of creativity and pledge to harness the extensive knowledge and collaborate with experts to develop policies that address unemployment, infrastructure development, healthcare, and education.
He believes that they can create a prosperous Ledzokuku that will sets an example for the entire nation.
“To truly serve the people, it is crucial to be in touch with their needs, dreams, and aspirations. I vow to be accessible and approachable, actively engaging with the constituents of Ledzokuku through regular town hall meetings, community forums, and online platforms. Your voice matters, and I am committed to being a strong advocate for your concerns, ensuring they are heard at the highest levels” he lamented.
He appealed to delegates to remember and vote massively for Nii Ashittey Ollennu because has been try and tested and believes he is the man for the job.


Source: Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina | Contributor

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