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Michy opens up about her current relationship with former lover Shatta Wale



The messy breakup witnessed Michy allegedly denying Shatta all access to his child, Majesty, an allegation she has strongly denied.

Michy in a May 2023 interview on Showtym with Andy Dosty has disclosed that fans who are hopeful of a comeback with Shatta will never see that happen as there is no chance of rekindling their love.

The singer who is now a show host, noted that her path hardly crosses with her former fiance although they share a child.

“We are both living separate lives, I will not like to talk about him but yes, I sometimes see him. We bump into each other on the roadside. We go our separate ways, he doesn’t call me when he sees me in town,” she said.

Michy publicly confessed to turning back the hand of time if only she could. This is to make right some of her greatest mistakes.

Revisiting her love life with the dancehall musicians in the interview with Andy Dosty, she tried everything possible to avoid mentioning the name of Shatta Wale.

“If I had a magic eraser I’d erase some occurrences. You are in certain situations and don’t realize the consequences. Today, we are doing a rebranding, we are evolving, growing. I am still dealing with pain, and the consequences of certain occurrences, I don’t want to go too deep but you know what I mean,” she said.



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