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Londoner, fashionista and other things you should know Kiddwaya’s white ex-girlfriend



The kiss led to his eviction from the show and the unfortunate loss of his girlfriend, Laura Dirtu.

Laura unfollowed Kiddwaya on Instagram after the news of the reality star kissing fellow housemate Mercy went viral. Apparently, there is a fire in their relationship, and close sources have revealed that this may lead to a breakup soon.

MyNigeria has done some digging on the background of Laura Dirtu and this was what we found:

1. She lives in London, UK.

2. She is a popular Youtuber.

3. She famous on TikTok.

4. She speaks 6 languages.

5. She has a great sense of style and is in love with high fashion.

6. She is a gym freak.

Watch a video of Laura and Kiddwaya below:

See more photos of laura below:




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