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I will beat him easily – Caller threatens Bukom Banku’s son on live radio



Ghanaian boxer, Abu Kamako alias Ambitious Tilapia, was compelled to issue a response after a caller questioned his skills and abilities as a boxer.

During a live interview on Happy FM, the caller challenged the son of Bukom Banku to a boxing bout, boasting that he (Abu Kamoko) would be no match for him.

“I’m not bragging but I can beat Bukom Banku’s son. I will beat him easily. They should just give us a platform. He is just making noise, but boxing is not about bragging. Someone should just stage a fight between us and I will beat him”, he boasted.

Ambitious Tilapia responded, “he is drunk so I won’t mind him.”.

Ambitious Tilapia has been doing media rounds after his exploits for Ghana in the 2023 African Games.

In an earlier interview with GHOne, Abu Kamoko opened up on his defeat in the final of the 86kg division of the boxing event at the games.

Sounding gracious and honest in defeat, Kamoko admitted to having been pummeled by Algerian boxer, Kanouni Ousama, and commended him for his outstanding skills.

Abu Kamoko said that he was chased around in the fight and could not comprehend the energy level of the Algerian boxer.

He disclosed that after the bout, he confronted the anti-doping authorities about the energy level of Kanouni Ousama, questioning if he underwent a doping test before the game.

“I was suffering inside the ring. I was experiencing pain all over my body because the guy was chasing me like a lion. He’s Africa’s number five so he’s good and was chasing me all over. It wasn’t small blows.

“After the game, I went to the anti-doping staff to ask them if they examined the guy before the fight. I couldn’t understand why I could be punching the guy and he will still be coming for more,” he said.

Abu Kamoko apologized to Ghanaians for not living up to their expectations and promised to win the country a gold medal before moving up the ladder to professional boxing.

“This is my first competitive fight and I got a silver so I will give thanks to God. I have promised Ghanaians a gold medal so I will work hard and deliver that promise before I move to professional. Ghanaians should forgive and believe in me,” he said.

On Saturday, March 23, 2024, Abu Kamako lost via unanimous decision to Algerian boxer, Kanouni Ousama, in the final of their weight class.

The defeat meant that Kamoko got a silver medal instead of gold.




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