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How I slept with all the girls in the praises and worship team in Church



I shared a bed with every girl who led praise and worship in the church,” confesses the man.

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Simon, a man from Nakuru, said he used to have sex with girls who worked in the church praise team. After a week, he was able to replace them after being born again.

He grew up in poverty when he was born in Nakuru. After finishing secondary school, he moved to Thika and worked in construction to make ends meet. He eventually joined a church and, after serving for a year, was given the position of youth leader.

He claimed that the women in the church once tried to get him to date them, but he wasn’t ready. He used to have people come to his home late at night when he might succumb to temptation and end up sleeping with them.

He claimed that he could have a different church member’s wife every week. He used protection so he didn’t get any of them pregnant. He decided to change after reflecting on his life and realising that although he was hiding in the church, his actions were not acceptable to God.

When he went to his pastor, confessed his faults and asked the pastor to pray for him, he was born again. He changed his behaviour and eventually discovered that he had a talent for music, which he now uses to glorify God.


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