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Coup underway in Sudan as former Janjaweed militia attack army HQ; US, UN, others concerned



Sudan is currently in a state of security and political flux following events of Saturday, April 15, 2023 when gunshots were heard around the presidential palace in the capital Khartoum.

It turned out that a paramilitary force known as the Rapid Support Forces (RSP), formerly known as the Janjaweed militia were staging a coup against the current military government led by Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan.

The RSF is led by Mohammed Hamdan Daglo, who is second in command in the military government but it appears that a fallout between himself and Burhan is at the heart of the hostilities.

Videos emerged on social media showing that the RSF had taken over a number of critical installations in the capital including the main international airport.

Inbound and outbound flights have been cancelled by almost airlines whiles flights are also avoiding the Sudanese airspace according to flight information sighted by GhanaWeb.

Meanwhile, the army is also disputing reports by RSF stating that an attack had been launched on the seat of government but that it was being contained.

Daglo is quoted to have said in an interview this morning as posted on the RSF’s Twitter handle, “We have not had any contacts with “Al-Burhan” so far, and Al-Burhan is besieged, he only has to surrender.”

The United States, the United Nations and neighbouring Kenya have all issued statements calling for calm.

The US statement was issued by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken calling for ceasefire and for the parties to resolve issues amicably.

The UN Secretary General also expressed concerns while Sudan’s southern neigbour South Sudan also issued a statement on the situation.

Over in Nairobi, Kenyan president William Ruto also shared concerns.

Sudan’s current military government came into being with the 2021 overthrow of long-serving leader Omar al-Bashir.

The junta was to share power with civilian protest group towards a civilian transition but citing a coup months back, the military consolidated power and suceeded in pushing out the civilians.

Te events of April 15 are seen by some analysts as the battle for ultimate control of the country by either of the military blocs – RSF on one hand and the Sudan Armed Forces on the other.




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