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A stray dog bites eight people, killing two



A stray dog is said to have terrorised the people of Awutu Breku, the capital of Awutu Senya District in the Central Region.

According to the information available, the dog entered neighbours’ homes and bit eight individuals, two of whom died.

On Tuesday, June 7, 2023, night, one of the victims apparently died immediately after being attacked by the dog.

After barking and jumping around like a dog, the other victim died.

Some residents described the situation as unusual.

”When the child was bit by the dog, we rushed him to a health facility,” said the mother of one of the victims, Madam Yaa Tawiah. They inquired as to whether we had admitted him to the hospital and whether he had received any type of injection. Unfortunately, they failed to inject him where the bog bit, so the poison had already spread to other parts of his body and affected his heart when we first took him. His condition was said to be deteriorating. After three days, his condition deteriorated and he began barking like a dog. He also screamed and complained about heart pain until he died”.


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