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Chief priest invoke curses on illegal miners with Coke, ram at Abofremu



The Chief Priest of River PAMUU (Asuo Pamuu Komfour), Nana Gyau, has urged illegal miners whose activities are contaminating River Pamuu to stop or face the wrath of the gods.

After slaughtering some animals, the priest placed curses on the illegal miners and performed rites to cease their activities.

He told the press that the river is known for its kindness and charity to the residents of the Abofremu Community.

He stated that the water body serves as a supply of drinking water for the population, therefore the damage being done to the water is concerning.

The priest regretted that he had raised concern about the situation and written letters to authorities, but that nothing had been done about it.

“I had protested about illegal mining activities to all relevant agencies dealing with illegal mining. But nothing has come of it. As Chief Priest, I cannot stand by and watch as a few greedy people damage our water body. People are not destroyed or killed by the deity. It is a god who is merciful and good to the people. However, if you abuse and denigrate it, it will retaliate.

As a result, I’m here calling the deity’s powers with this coke, ram, and other objects, and requesting the gods to deal harshly with the illegal miners. I am a great priest, and I do not want to sit by and let illegal miners harm the water body, only to be accused later. I could have done this in secret, but I want people to know what is going on so that the illegal miners might be directed and stop what they are doing.”

He pleaded with the authorities to grant him authority so that he might carry out more of these rites to call the gods’ powers over people who are ruining our ecosystem through unlawful mining.

Meanwhile, several people have expressed alarm about the situation.

They claim they are unable to drink from the source because it has become polluted.

The water they said had changed into a chocolate beverage.


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