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Watchdog member’s shop burnt by alleged criminals in suspected targeted attack



The incident resulted in the destruction of the shop and two motorbikes belonging to the owner.

According to a report, the owner of the shop is a member of a local watchdog group that has been actively pursuing criminal elements terrorizing the residents in the area.

It is suspected that the carpentry shop owner was targeted by these criminals.

Prior to the arson, another resident who is also a member of the watchdog group was shot in the leg, further escalating concerns about the security situation in the community.

Speaking to the media, Stephen Obour, the owner of the carpentry shop, expressed his belief that the criminals intentionally attacked him in an effort to deter him from pursuing them. He dismissed the possibility of an electrical fault, stating that there was nothing combustible in his shop.

“I am not sure this was an electrical fault. This light is not harmful and there is nothing combustible in my shop. I am sure some bad elements in the community that we often chase planned this act. I have lost all my tools to the fire, including two motorbikes. Not long ago, I chased another individual suspected to be a criminal and he ran away,” he said.

Residents of Akweley expressed their fear and apprehension due to the constant threat of attacks in the community. They appealed to the police to increase patrols and take action to improve the security situation.

Elizabeth Yamoah, a resident, shared her own experience, stating that her shop’s roof was previously broken into. She mentioned that other individuals, including a barber and an elderly man, have also fallen victim to similar incidents. The residents urged the police to address the rising security concerns in Akweley.

“I went to work one day and came home to find that the entire roof of my shop had been broken into. A barber, an old man, and another individual are the latest victims, in addition to this gentleman whose shop has been burned down. We beg the police to do something about the security situation in Akweley, as it is getting out of hand,” the worried resident expressed.


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