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The story of popular Kumasi-Krofrom ‘k!ller’ who was jailed by Rawlings for 12 years without trial



A well-known Ghanaian figure in Kumasi, Kweku Kweku, also known as ‘Krofrom Killer,’ has shared his experiences during Jerry John Rawlings’ presidency in Ghana.

He recounted that following the 1979 coup by the former president, the country experienced considerable turmoil, with many suffering unjustly.

Krofrom revealed his encounter with this chaos when he was detained by soldiers and brought to the police headquarters for interrogation.

He recalled that Rawlings labelled him a notorious figure in Kumasi, a claim he refuted, attributing it to public misconception.

“I was in Kumasi in 1979 when Rawlings’ coup took place. At that time, a curfew was in effect, leading to soldiers raiding homes. Some of my acquaintances were fatally shot. Being 23 years old, I was quite robust and defiant. The situation compelled me to move to Kumasi for business.

“One day, I was apprehended by the police at my residence and taken to the headquarters. Rawlings confronted me, alleging, ‘I am the infamous individual from Kumasi who has fled to Accra to perpetuate his notoriety.’ I contested his allegations, being very assertive,” he narrated during an interview with Poleeno Multimedia and monitored by GhanaWeb.

Krofrom mentioned that despite his objections, he was incarcerated for twelve years until a court appearance, where a female judge released him due to lack of formal charges.

“I was never brought before a court for a hearing but remained in custody. I was shuffled between prisons, and this ordeal persisted for twelve years… Eventually, I spoke to a judge who, upon hearing my account, decided to grant me bail,” he concluded.

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