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Omanye Royal Kingdom: All you need to know about the ‘private’ royal family



It was surprising for many that out of the blue, Omanye Royal Kingdom popped up.

The arrival of the supposed kingdom was fuelled by the marriage ceremony between Omanye Royal Kingdom’s Prince Alvin and his beautiful bride Shantel.

The ceremony which was held at the Aburi Botanical Garden generated a lot of questions about the kingdom as most people kept wandering where they came from.

On their website,, they are described as a kingdom that “acknowledges and values the distinct perspectives that different communities bring to our understanding of the world. Despite the unprecedented challenges and divisions, we confront, our communities possess the ingenuity to craft solutions that steer us towards a more promising and inclusive future, benefiting everyone.

“It is unfortunate that certain global trends have fueled division for narrow interests, rather than recognizing the collective benefits of mutual support and cooperation. Embracing the concept of being each other’s keepers is crucial for the progress and prosperity of all.

“By redefining the notion of community, we embark on a path where barriers weaken and eventually dissolve, leading us to celebrate humanity on an equal platform with love, care, and support for the common good.”

As the conversation about their origin, activities, history, and source of affluence continues, a Ghanaian blogger has dug deep to uncover some major information about the group.

Below is the breakdown by the blogger





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