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Kukuo youth destroy Ghanasco fence wall



Some youth of the Kukuo community have pulled down portions of the Ghana Senior High School (Ghanasco) fence wall under construction.

This is the fourth time the youth have pulled down portions of the wall under construction.

In the previous instances, they faced off with the school compelling the authorities to suspend the works.

The school management had over the years expressed worry over the lack of a fence in the school which made it difficult to control the movement of students.

On the back of this, the Old Students Association decided to support the completion of the wall that was started some 10 years ago by the government to help ensure discipline in the school, but that has since been resisted.

Addressing a press conference, the chairman of the wall construction committee, Alhaji Alhassan Abubakari, said the construction committee had engaged several stakeholders including the Northern Regional Coordinating Council, GHANASCO administration, and the contractor, the chiefs, opinion leaders, and the youth of Kukuo community to discuss the completion of the wall.

He said during these engagement sessions, the committee took into cognisance the Ghanasco dam which falls within the school area and has been the bone of contention and decided to create an opening for the residents to also have access to the dam.

Alhaji Alhassan said this agreement was reached by the fence wall project committee and the chiefs and opinion leaders of Kukuo before the commencement of work.

“It is important to state without any doubt that this agreement was sealed and the National Executive Committee levied each year group to contribute a specified amount towards this project. It is amazing, Ladies and Gentlemen, to reveal that the commitment and the alacrity shown by the old students of the school was unmatched and highly spirited.

“Subsequent to this commitment exhibited by the old students, the committee commenced its works with a pocket of agitations initially from some youth of the Kukuo community,” he said

Alhaji Alhassan added that agreement was reached leading to the resumption of the construction works but as the construction was heading towards completion on Sunday, June 4th, 2023 portions around the Kukuo cemetery were pulled down by unknown persons in the early hours of the day.

“The entire stretch of the wall around the Kukuo side of the wall was pulled down by unknown persons agitating that the chiefs did not ‘consult’ and engaged them before agreeing to the ‘deal’ during the 5th June meeting,” he said.

Alhaji said six suspects were arrested by the police but have since been released on bail.

He warned that the school will not hesitate to use the law to arrest and prosecute any person or group of persons involved.

Alhaji Alhassan emphasised that the cost of the damage would be estimated and those who would be arrested shall be made to pay the full cost of the construction as well as prosecuted at the law court.

He said the school has resolved to complete the project in the face of these attacks but appealed to the REGSEC, METSEC, and its allied agencies to continue to support the project to its completion.

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