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Algerian journalist Ihsane el-Kadi’s Jail term doubled to seven years



Earlier this year, el-Kadi was handed a three-year jail term, with two years suspended, on charges related to allegedly receiving foreign financing for his media group.

However, the appeal court has now revised the sentence to a staggering seven years, with five years to be served behind bars.

The journalist’s arrest took place on Christmas Eve last year, accompanied by an order to shut down his media company. Throughout the legal proceedings, el-Kadi’s legal team vehemently refuted the charges leveled against him, asserting that the sole foreign money transfer originated from his daughter, who is both a partner in the company and resides in the United Kingdom.

The increased sentence is met with deep concern and criticism from human rights advocates and press freedom organizations, who view it as a severe blow to independent journalism in Algeria. Many fear that such a harsh penalty will have a chilling effect on journalists and further restrict freedom of the press within the country.

The case of Ihsane el-Kadi underscores the challenges faced by journalists operating independently in Algeria and the broader implications for freedom of expression. International entities are closely monitoring the situation, emphasizing the need to protect journalists’ rights and ensure a conducive environment for independent media to thrive.

As news of the heightened sentence spreads, supporters and activists are rallying behind el-Kadi, calling for justice and advocating for the preservation of media freedom.



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