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Watch Sam George’s debate with Dutch journalist on LGBTQ+ rights



In a video shared by Rightify Ghana on Twitter on Thursday, June 1, 2023, the MP can be seen challenging the international journalist; Bram Vermeulen, on the issue of gay rights as they were taking a ride in a car.

Sam George indicated that the main issue he has with LGBTQ+ advocates is the seeming influence they appear to want to ‘force’ on Ghanaians.

“I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your bedroom, it’s not my business. But, what I care about is when you bring it out of your bedroom, your personal choice and want to shove it down my throat, and want to make them the norm, and want to socialise my children.

“They are asking to be recognised, they are talking about rights against discrimination, they are asking for rights to have marriages and all kinds of things like regular heterosexual people,” he said.

The journalist then said the demands of LGBTQ+ people are legitimate because “the right to exist is normal”.

The MP rebutted, arguing that if LGBTQ+ people have the right to do what they want then armed robbers, rapists and other hardened criminals have the right to engage in their activities.

The journalist then suggested that it was wrong for Sam George to draw a comparison between rapists and LGBTQ+ people.

But the MP insisted that for him, he is comparing crimes.

Bram Vermeulen went on to say that, describing LGBTQ+ activities as crimes is wrong because it is their identity.

“How would you feel if I describe myself as a 16-year-old Belgian woman… that is madness you should get me checked up,” the MP replied.

Watch a video of the debate below:




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