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Collapsed building kills girl, 5, sibling injured at Ada Magazine



The back of the concrete block chamber and hall room in a compound house suddenly collapsed on the two siblings—a five-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy—who were in the bedroom while their mother was cooking in the kitchen.

According to the mother of the two children, Diana Labotey, the concrete wall crushed the head of the girl, killing her instantly, but the boy was trapped under the rubble.

He was rescued but suffered serious injuries.

The victims were both rushed to the Eastern Regional Hospital, where Kukua Esther, the Kindergarten pupil, was confirmed dead, but the boy was admitted for treatment.

He is recuperating, according to medical doctors.

“The children were standing behind me in the kitchen, but I noticed they were feeling cold, so I asked them to go into the room. So after 10 minutes, I heard a loud sound, so I rushed into the room and noticed the back of the building had collapsed on the children. The head of the girl was badly damaged, so when we rushed them to the hospital, she was pronounced dead, but the boy is still at the hospital,” the bereaved mother narrated.

The body of the deceased girl has been deposited at the morgue pending further investigation by police.

An eyewitness and also a co-tenant in the same house, Amina Monica narrating the incident, said the building collapsed around 3 pm during a heavy rainstorm a few minutes after she came out of her bathroom.



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